View Full Version : Exiled Is Recruiting

04-04-2013, 08:12 AM
eXILeD is recruiting!!

Let me ask you; Are you a rebel at heart? Maybe not, that’s ok. We're not really saying we are anyways but, our name's pretty cool. We have all sorts of people in our clan. People from all over the world so, there's no hiding from us. If you think you can just switch lobbies to get away from us then you're wrong! Instead of backing out of lobbies we're in, join lobbies we're in.

Even if you don't think your good enough, we WILL make you better.
We have members from all over the world and are growing every day. We are all active members and can help take you wherever you need to go.

So, yeah we have a cool name, and yeah we will shoot you in the face if you’re not eXILeD....But, the most important thing is that we have a great clan with great members. Everyone in eXILeD has a vote. Democracy! So basically we just want to have fun and make people rage quit. Democratically, of course.

What we offer you!
• Fully Paid For Teamspeak Room which is Password Protected
• A friendly and mature group of people worldwide to play with
• Fully functional forum/website (www.exiled-clan.com)
• Squads for every experience level (both competitive and relaxed “pub it up” squads)
• A DEMOCRATIC system where every member has the right to decide on clan business

• At least 16 years old (applications for younger members will be considered singularly by the council and if we think you are mature enough and would fit into our team you WILL be accepted, with a 2 month probationary period to prove you are serious and mature)
• Must go through application process
• Must be an active member

How do you join?
Simply go to our website, fill out the application, and one of us will get back to you shortly to help place you in a squad and make you an official member of eXILeD!

Check us out at www.exiled-clan.com and make sure to say Zero sent you!