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01-06-2015, 10:00 AM
hello, i started to try this game and also started to watch tv serie couple of days ago and i liked it. so i bought vbi ultimate pack and season pass. the thing is, i claimed items with my current character which i dont like this toon's class. a survivalist. didnt like the active ego abilities of this class. the point is i wanna change my class. while i dont care about the bonus items i got via packs, i really dont want to lose my ego rating progress which s close to 400. so is there a way to change class in game or via cashshop (item's name if there is?) but just in case: if i will create another character, will i get bonus items once again with that toon? weapons,costumes,titles etc.

another question : the dlcs and vbi pack gives me daily/weekly supply boxes. but i cannot locate those supply boxes in my inventory somehow. do they auto-open when i do claim them?

another question : what re the rewards for completing coop missions? also what s shadow war exactly? a kind of pvp?

well, if you know one or all answers , i d really appericate.:)

01-06-2015, 10:34 AM
You're going to have to start over if you want to change your class type.

You receive scrip, ark forge, ark salvage, key codes and ark batteries with your boxes so there are no weapons.

You get 10 arkforge for completing expert co op maps (have to be level 5000 to queue up) as well as a Core that you can buy Legendary weapons/mods with once you obtain enough. XP and a few key codes are also awarded.

Shadow was is a capture and hold pvp type however it takes place in real time and is not instanced like the other pvp maps.

Check out defiancedata (defiancedata.com)

Ryker Vorton
01-06-2015, 10:40 AM
Well, there is not such thing as an actual "class" in defiance, the only changes from the different archetyps when you start a character are the basic outfit and the first weapon you get (Sniper rifle for survivalist, pump shotgun for the renegade, light machine gun for the machinist)

Luckily, changing the EGO set is very easy, just go to the EGO grid window (default key K) and click on the "Respec" button, it will cost you some Scrip (in game money) but you get all the grid resetted, now you can unlock and upgrade the ego powers and perks as you wish.

The boxes you get from the daily rewards (as well as those you will get from arkfalls and other events) are automatically open, the notification just tells you which "boxes" did the rewards came from.

From Co-op missions you get some Keys at standard/advanced difficulty, Once you get into "expert" mode (need to be EGO 5000+ to be able to start them yourself or just get some group with a 5k to start it) will reward arkforge. Main difference between these modes are, standard is treat level 1, advanced is TL 6 and Expert is TL 10 (monsters will be EGO 4750-6000

Shadow Wars are team PVP conflicts, they work on the "Capture the flag" fashion.

01-06-2015, 10:46 AM
Other your starting weapon and outfit, class means nothing. I suspect you will change your outfit and find better weapons fairly quickly in game, so you might want to keep what you have earned and keep playing.

Ryker answered it better, but I did not see his post when I first posted this.

01-06-2015, 10:46 AM
Yeah i just created another toon , didnt know that classes are just "different starting weapons in tutorial". it seems all we have is those 4 active abilities and same passives in ego grid.so actually game is skill based if we rule out generic rpg style (different classes). well i do see now :D

and thanks for answering other questions. Most remaining things already self explainatory and i fıgured on my own. and yeah im gonna continue my current toon and if necessary i ll respec. my current focus is the passives around/between overcharge and blur. i learnt that i have access to swords due to dlc, got none yet atm but planning to work for a melee character. but atm i m stick overcharge + sniper/shotgun combo. anyway.

got no other questions for now. thanks for helping.

01-06-2015, 11:01 AM
Looks like you're sorted now but for the future there is a character redo that lets you change your character.

01-07-2015, 08:34 AM
not gonna create another thread, a new question.

- as i said i have all dlcs. i seen this arkbreaker thing. how do i use it? what i have to do? or do i have to unlock it? benefits? limitations? got zero idea.


Ryker Vorton
01-07-2015, 09:31 AM
to be able to call down ark breaks you must first complete the arkbreaker storyline missions (they are started near bloodbath) Be warned though you will have to fight volge and darkmatter from the beginning. Benefits, well, calling down arkbreaks, and competing them, may provide you with some "above the average" weapons. Disadvantages/limitatons: none.