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04-04-2013, 11:08 AM
So, the servers are down, again, as they have been since 10pm Eastern last night. You have been getting as much praise as you have been getting flack. Most of the praise is that you at least communicate with the community, but I find you at fault here. You have not posted one update on your twitter feed to let us know what is going on. You have not posted in the forum on what is going on as you were last night (maybe I have missed it somewhere, but I'm checking all the usual places). My first criticism is that you have left the community in the dark on the current issues. I appreciate that you are working hard to solve the current server issues, but it would take a minute or less to update us on what the problem is and what you are doing to fix it. Speaking of updates, I feel that you should be more forthcoming and honest with the community on what the problem is and what you are doing to fix it. This 'try every 2 to 3 minutes' when the issue is lasting 2 and 1/2 hours is insulting. You know there is an issue that is going to take longer than that to be resolved, so tell us that. Most of us are adults in mind as well as body and would appreciate some transparency. We deserve this from you. Personally, I have put in $200 thus far into the game, the Season Pass, the Deluxe Upgrade, and adding Bits to my account. I do not have the expectation that your new game work without a hiccup because that is completely unreasonable. But, I do have the expectation that, after putting hard earned cash into your pocket, that you be honest with me. I'm a big boy, I can handle it. In fact, it would go a long way in keeping the community happy. Sure, I wouldn't be thrilled with a message saying, "the servers are down, we are working on it, and we estimate the time to be 2 hrs" but I would prefer the truth over hopeful messages that you yourselves can't even believe are realistic. As I've said repeatedly in other forum posts, I love your game. It is amazing. I haven't got to play as much as I would like to with all the issues, but I still love what I've been able to experience. You have something special on your hands. So many of us were drawn in with your advertisements, we're shown how awesome the world you created will be, and are now just a little miffed that we bought into it all only to spend more time trying to play, talking about playing, than actually playing. Again, I did not nor do I now believe this experience should be without bugs, server crashes, and critical errors of any kind, but you owe it to every one of us to be up front and transparent about what is going on. I have faith in you. I am holding out for the best. If we can work together on this, the staff of Trion who have worked so hard to get this to the gaming community, and the community of gamers who have spent good money on a product that may not be ready for the community, we can make this all work much better for all of us. Be honest and forthcoming and most of us will sit back, relax, and wait for you guys to work your magic. I have faith that in you that this will pass. So much of the frustration comes from the fact that we have put a lot of money into this effort of yours and due to the state of technology these days, we have no means of recourse - meaning we can't just return our games for a refund. We are currently stuck with what we have. Deliver on your promises and I for one will continue to support your efforts in any way a gamer can support the developer. Be open. Be honest.

04-04-2013, 11:20 AM
And you felt the need to post this twice, why??

Major Nelson
04-04-2013, 11:27 AM
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