View Full Version : My friend think the "Green" rarity is "Yellow"

01-10-2015, 03:34 AM
So I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, because the green does tend to look like a yellowgreen kind of color.

Is there an Intel or otherwise manual I can prove to him it's green? I think it's pretty lame I have to actually find a creditable source to show it's not yellow. Rarity in games have never inserted a Yellow between white and blue for as long as I can remember.


01-10-2015, 03:41 AM
He could just be mildly colour blind, like me.

I have trouble distinguishing certain colours fully, green in particular.

Can be interesting, considering I'm a designer!

Chris Robet
01-10-2015, 03:44 AM
IT'S GREEN MORTAL SCUM!!! *cough cough* Sorry about that but yeah take my word for it green. Here's a banana to prove I'm a credible source.

01-10-2015, 04:35 AM
Adjust his monitor or update the graphics card drivers or upgrade the graphics card, or possibly suggest he should go to a eye doctor?

Had a grandfather that somewhat partially color blind, remember visiting him in the late 60's/ early 70's, the color tv was all sorts of all colors/hues, none were correct , though they seemed to be to him.

01-10-2015, 05:03 AM
Here is a post from Trion about that.


Can't get more credible than that :P

Keeper Riff
01-10-2015, 08:20 AM
Make a screenshot, open it in editor (MSPaint will do), pick up color with color picker and see its numeric representation. If the amount of Green is much more than Red, then it's green. Usually 168 Red, 192 Green, 26 Blue.

01-10-2015, 10:39 AM
Actually. I can understand the dilemma. I thought for the first couple months that greens were yellow, because that's the way they look on my screen.

The rarity is green, according to majority consensus and because that's what the company claims according to link provided by Fuzzy. However...On my screen it's yellow, so I've now taken to calling anything that is yellow, green. ;)

Tura Satana
01-10-2015, 01:56 PM
When they are lying on the ground, they aura around them looks green. In my inventory the text looks yellow. But they are considered green so that is what I call them.

01-10-2015, 05:28 PM
Thanks for the replies (and the source!). Yes, I fully understand and acknowledge that they look a yellow/green tint. It's kind of in the middle.

But in reality it's supposed to be green rarity. It's rather annoying having to listen to someone say something that just isn't true. Especially given this: