View Full Version : The Absurdities of this game...

04-04-2013, 05:12 PM
This game frustrates me to no end. Lets list the ways.

1. Every single time the game crashes, and it crashes a lot when I PvP, random hotkeys change. Everything will work fine until I hit that hotkey that changed and the next think I know, it tumbles and opens up a random UI menu. I change the hotkeys back, 15 minutes later it crashes and then its my grenade key that opens up a random UI menu...

2. Tumbling is pretty ******ed. I know, stop drop and roll to put the flames out, right. My bad I thought dots were supposed to be viable. Tumbling is a form of evasion not a " i should immune to dots ", type of ability. You want a counter to dots, add a counter to dots. Its funny hot shotguns kill in 1 or 2 shots, which people seem to dislike, yet they are all good with the dot that takes 10 seconds to kill you, dealing zero damage.

3. Infectors, one second its homing like it should, the next second with an enemy 3 feet away from me, my shots fly off in random directions and not toward the crosshairs. Either make the homing work or take it out and let me aim it myself.

4. Healing should be useful. I am not saying make it required, just useful. Healing in pvp is simply a waste of time.

5. The constant PvP circle is already getting old. There is a reason 2 fort exists in tf2. I am not saying that I want capture the flag. I am saying that I want defensible structures and not just the endless swarm of zerg roaming.

6. Cloaking is fun but it dictates the flow of combat far to much. With a decent shotgun you can easily cloak suicide and take 2 to 3 people out every time. Due to the fear of being cloak shotgunned, people form this constantly moving zerg that roams the map. This form of combat makes snipers almost useless. You know if you try to find a defensible spot, the one guy you just sniped, yea he knows exactly where you are now and you will get 1 shot in the back in the next 20 seconds if you do not float around the map like the rest of your team.

TF 2 can be a zerg fest at times but mostly there is this balance of classes engaging. This game seems to lack any sort of real counter struggle and the zerg simply rules it. I was hoping for a DAoC meets TF2. Sadly this feels more like Borderlands meets Planetside 2.