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04-04-2013, 06:10 PM
ok first thing i would like to say is sry im not the best speller in the world but u should be able to figure it out ,,

Ok first thing i would like everbodies opion on is the customizing in this game ,, my BIG question is where is it at ,, i mean really a MMO with no custom armor ,, no rare armor ,, as in there will be no group to get together and lets go camp this rare boss and hope to get a rare peice of armor or weapon ,, they got vehicles that u kant kustomize ,, and while im on vehicles Y KANT i do a wheelie on a 4 wheeler ,, i know it is a lil thing but still it is a big thing to me there is a lot of lil bitty thing that this game dont have that i would love to see my next question is can i get a vehicle with a gun on it in pve ,, and also they need to make it where friends can ride with u and shoot ,, but if u can get a vehicle with a gun ,, can other people ride it with u and when and how do i obtain it thank u alot and i am new to the fourm thing so plz take it easy on me

04-04-2013, 06:17 PM
vehicles are already a pain running around ark falls ramming stuff add guns just going to get worse.game has mmo elements not a full mmo..

04-04-2013, 06:31 PM
yeah it is very gay to see people in the charger or either the haulers but still brute i play with my nephew ,,, and we are in the same room so of coarse we want a vehicles with guns ,, but yes u are right ,, people will akt stuipied with it but the people that play right it will be a big help ,,, and ANOTHER thing u are so RIGHT this is not a full MMO ,, after playin ffxi and then kommin to this ,, well i dont really got nothing to say ,, but i do like the concept it just needs better customization