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04-04-2013, 08:54 PM
For too long we have served as indentured servants to those who consider themselves spiritually and politically superior to our kind! We have cleaned the living quarters of those who considered us nothing more than worthless slaves as they lead all of us to a slow sure death in space. Now they wish to continue using our people. I say no more! In this new world we have the right to forge a new path where we have a say in the world. No longer shall we sit idly by as those who have oppressed us for the past mistakes of our forefathers make more and more mistakes. Now is our time!

Guild: Liberata Uprising
Founder: Pandora Ortheus
Short Bio: Pandora Ortheus is often mistaken for being an Irathiet however she is the illegitamate proginy of a Castithan politician and a female Liberata.

About the guild: The purpose of "Liberata Uprising" is to be a loosely role-playing guild. The goals would be to have fun and be active in regards to attempting to influence what can be influenced in the show. Other objectives will include working with other guilds towards the primary goal of influence, as well as guilds on other consoles.

Personal Note: I think the true value of this game hasn't even been shown yet and I'd like to participate with some forward thinkers on how we as a community can pro-actively seek influence and power in regards to relations to the show. I'm not sure what other objective would be more interesting in regards to this game. Also I just started this guild so all positions are open.

Positions needed:
Platform Liason - someone who can foster excellent communication with guilds from other platforms in regards to the primary goal of influencing the show.
Guild Liason - someone who can foster excellent communication with other PS3 guilds in regards to the primary goal of influencing the show.
Recruiters - Active players who can inform people of the guild's intent and recruit them into the fold.
EU Leader - Active player on EU server who can act as leader in regards to assigning roles and recruiting members for the cause.
Officers - People capable of commanding/leading groups into battle for our primary goal as well as PvP and PvE game modes.

That's all for now!