View Full Version : Have a question about some stuff

02-18-2015, 12:30 AM
Ok so im a returning player but starting back on PC.and i was wondering since i bought the ultimate edition for 360 i have all the physical stuff already and just got a cheap collectors edition for PC.aside from missing out on the season pass there is no huge diffrence vs in game items correct? i was confused on this because i didnt know PC had a ultimate edition till after buying the CE lol.and i thought some things were for console only or were diffrent for each platform.i dunno i was confused at launch as much as i am now about this because i thought the ultiamte edition was console only and from gamestop only too -.-

the other question i have is that i really liked this game alot and even more so now on PC because it looks so good and plays much better than on 360 imo.but i noticed the ultamate pack on steam for 100 bucks doesnt come with the season pass either.ill drop money for the game again because i plan on staying around longer this time,and i like special outfits/cars lol.but is the ultimate thing on steam(might be the same thing they have on the site as well i think)worth getting if i am already getting the CE?seems like the CE isnt going to add no where near the inventory slots etc etc.

i knwo its worth buying the ultimate over the normal CE because of the season pass but in the end it would be the same price wise for me since my CE+buying SP=same price of the ultimate.

thanks for the help!