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Maxis Lexfi
03-05-2015, 05:57 PM
As I continue my quest to become the Bay Area Butcher...well maybe not. Maybe I just want to complete Von Bach's Ark thingamajigy, kill him for being a bastard and sell the arktech for mad lootz, I keep running into weapons that on first glance look better than what I've got.

I equip them and bad things happen. E200 Volge pistol? Great, has to be better than this E200 Wolfhound with radiation...it spits slow *** lightning bolts and things die SEVERAL SECONDS after I put three rounds into their head.

I saw SiN's weapon guide. I know some of this is subjective (some people like/loathe 3 rnd bursts, some like low DMG hi ROF, others want the opposite)

But generally speaking, I seem to stride the middle path.

Can anyone sum up SiN's guide to the "better" choices in each weapon category, or at least take a S.W.A.G. at the most popular choice of each category? I'd like to know beyond trial and error what I should be hunting for since, if I understand this, once I find a particular model within each category, I can hang onto one until I get another one later on with better rolls/nano/mods/etc and swap out to keep the weapon XP coming.

I tend to be a fan of low to moderate ROF, higher damage per shot. Burst is hit or miss with me. I had some pulse rifles in destiny that I could OWN pve with, but only because I kept rolling BAD AR's.

03-05-2015, 06:44 PM
My main loadout consists of a VBI AR rad stalker and a wolfhound.

When I first started playing, back before the great SAWnerfgate occured, you would always see me with one in my hands. Love my AR now! For pistols I love the wolf and quickshot blasters.

You're going to play around with several different types. Some like smg's some like carbines. Some like the noob terrifics crimefighter and bmg...

There is no "best" just what works "best" for you and your play style...