View Full Version : GrosBill's trading/wish list

03-12-2015, 04:49 PM
Hi all, updated 03.22.2015

items i have to trade (none for sale):

- Fates Kiss ego5900 full mod(b/p/b/g) (stock/bore/mag/sight)

-Oj 7th fire sumimoto ego5900 full mod(b/b/p/b) rolls: recoil/mag/crit/ego on full reload/fire rate

- Final Caress ego5700 full mod





items i'd like to have:

- bio nano plate slicer syn full mod smg/ar/lmg (even purp)

- Hellfire smg full mod (even purp)

- DC10 full mod

- Respark V (regen would be nice)


psn : GrosBill

Thx & have fun