View Full Version : issues ive had on this game not a whining thread dont worry :)

04-05-2013, 03:20 AM
ok ill just list a few ive had :)
1. timing out rarely happens now for me
2. lag and bad frame rate on occasional arkfalls NOT ALL.
3. coming up against Harry monarch Houdini lol
4. equipped weapons disappearing happened twice.
5. a few bugged missions here and there but not game breaking.
and i think thats it could be more though but trion are doing there best fixing it :D

although there was countless threads everywhere basically with
"OMG THE GAME IS BROKE CRAPPY SERVERS HOW DARE THEY SHIP A BROKE GAME" (few minutes later trion announce via twitter and post a thread saying server down time patch's/fixes for main issues etc) "OMG HOW DARE THEY SHUT DOWN THEIR SERVERS TO FIX THE MAIN PROBLEMS THAT WONT ALLOW PEOPLE TO PLAY"!

lol patience people :)