View Full Version : Current Event, anyone else noticing this?

ukz finest mk
04-02-2015, 05:14 PM
So I play on Xbox NA server and noticed a very silly pattern with these arkfalls on the new event.

Event started, get on the server looking for arkfalls. over 2 hours after the event was live we found our first major Hulker Hell!

Then the 2nd arkfall was a harvest, from then onwards for over 3 hours we jumped boss fight to boss fight with nothing but Hulkers on every single one!

After 3 hours of none stop hulkers (2nd one was harvest) we started seeing more frontier harvest majors, but mainly Hulkers.

Eventually we finally started getting a decent amount of solstice strikes (5hours later) and saw some colony courtships too.

it got to the point where people where rumoring that the event would focus on only one type of the 4 major arkfalls for an entire day in turns. Only when the others started dropping we realised it was just a very broke drop rate.

My observation is that this pattern is exactly the same every single time the NA server has it's daily maintenance! They go down at 10am GMT and the last 2 days I've had mates message me when the first major arkfalls pop up while I catch up on tv. Both times the first majors start showing at almost exactly 2 hours later!

Now it's left me wondering, trion say the RNG is working as intended but I know people who have pulled multiple named guns already and some people who have hit as many if not more arkfalls and pulled just 2 oranges and no named guns. So if the arkfalls can drop on such a predictable loop everyday, surely that means that the random arkfall code is clearly bugged and there could also be a very similar bug in the drop rate of legendarys for certain people.

Any opinions?

Is there a similar pattern on other platforms?

dremora ven0m
04-02-2015, 05:23 PM
The servers go down at 10am GMT?
I have never noticed that, it was 3am GMT & is now 4am GMT because of clocks going forward.
But you are on NA server & I on EU.

Anyway regardless of times, i have noticed HH & NFH more in the daytime & SS & CC more of an evening/night time.
I have noticed out of the 200+ mods i have collected 90% t3 (85% purge) & the remaining t4 (again mostly purge, 5 PS, 0 HB, 1 S)
I have only dropped 2 named & 2 oj's from god knows how many majors. Which is better than my return from same time frame of og CC event (closet event to recall) thus far.

04-02-2015, 05:24 PM
I noticed a similar pattern and posted it in another thread. I play on & off between 5:30PM-2:00AM EDT and the pattern is pretty consistent. Until about 9:30-10PM it's Hulkers & Harvest and that transitions into Solstice & Courtships.

04-03-2015, 05:08 AM
The event spawning system isn't completely random, it has to follow a set of rules that were modified and refined over the years. An example of non-randomness is that you won't see 2 major arkfalls or 2 incursions in a row in SV, they always alternate there. There's obviously something odd going on with the event arkfall spawning system, and there is some sort of fix for it on PTS (I've played a bit there, but it's difficult to know whether the fix is actually working with everyone playing the event and almost no one on PTS). But I doubt it has any links to loot RNG.