View Full Version : Fix problems?

Ghostly Hoots
04-07-2015, 05:56 PM
Why is it everytime I have played defiance I have fun but get a lot of problems since the game came out and the same ones still are around. When to many people are around game crashes or gets super laggy to the point you can't do anything for a little while. Doing a mission all the talking during the mission randomly stops(say you scan something and then they talk about it you don't hear anything) and when you finish the mission finally you crash or just get into a none stop loading screen. Like I would have thought this would have been patched by now.... Like this is the reason why I stopped playing for awhile and my friends just stopped fully. When will this be fixed. These problems been around for too long now and it's sad.
Why is it that I click on the contact us at the bottom of the page and says this page doesn't exist...