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04-11-2015, 08:07 PM

new weapon system where guns arent aquired, only weapon pieces (similar to mod categories) are obtained from enemies/gearboxes with different rarities to be assembled using either faction or gear box obtained blank weapon shells. the rolls/rarity and strength of completed weapon will depend on ego/rarity of pieces/shell used and the function of each piece (falloff damage, aim damage, critical multiplyer etc.)

new loadout styled synergy: Tech Savvy= gain 5% additional enhancement/+1 armor plate from a single spike at a time.(applied upon 1st spike entered where more than 1 are present)

rework top notch faction to accommodate as they are the mechanics.
warehouse raids: 2 teams of 4 people infiltrate dark matter, raider and e rep weapon storage facilities in order to both cripple the enemies weapon supply and take rare weapon pieces/weapon shells as rewards.

new currencies: similar to ceruleum cores, certain higher tierd enemies have a rare chance to drop a special top notch currency tradeable for special corresponding weaponry (formidable tanker = street sweeper: rare chance to drop tanker tech, 5 tanker tech per weapon piece, 10 for street sweeper shell)

guns can be assembled with shell+pieces (arksmith assault rifle =assault shell+5 random applicable AR pieces) resulting in no synergy/nano or be assembled as a complete functional weapon if assembled with a complete matching set (tanker street sweeper example)

add clan based "workshops" which function as a HQ complete with arksmith assembly bench, shooting targets for weapons testing, a small duelling room and a clan vendor that members can add items to sell for other players to drop by and purchase if they'd like( all script from sales goes to clan bank to be distributed as clan decides)