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04-14-2015, 09:45 PM
Although the though on this add on in is good the loss of shadow wars makes it impossible to complete pursuits, dailies and weeklies.

This needs to be corrected

The parties are very angry on the fact Trion now charges for revives now and I am not even going to repeat what is being said, as it is not worth repeating.

Their comments would be better received if they took them to a more non abusive.. more civil manor.

The fact that is possible to troll people out of the lobby by blowing up another player by surrounding objects then saying "see yah" in group chat to every one is quite unnerving to say the least.

So now your out of coins do to trolls, or server timeouts, solution buy more coins. not going to happen many people are saying with many choice words.

I have had to remove my credit card off my account as of today now, as it is far too easy for my son and daughter to make a purchase when leaving matches and in other places.

You have four issues that have to be dealt with.