View Full Version : Patron pass timer & console freezing Cyber Rig UI

Cyripax NeoPrime
04-14-2015, 10:11 PM
Are they ever going to add a timer to the patron pass in the boosts page? I like to renew before it expires so I can save the 10% in bits on the cost. As it is now I have to mark it on my calendar or just guess if I forget. Lol.

Does it stack to the time thats there? Like if I buy a 15 day... and end up renewing on the 14th day, does it go for 16 days or just 15 from purchase? If anyone knows. I know boosts stack but dont know about patron subs.

Also my console freezes everytime I go to the cyber rig tab. Cant even use rigs. This was well planned :/ hehehe
(Probably belongs in bugs but I didnt want to make a whole other thread) im sure its been posted by now anyway.

EDIT: OK, this has to be patched ASAP! Do you know how freekin annoying and time consuming it is to have to recycle a hardfrozen PS3 every 30 seconds of time in game????

-Use salvage matrix, L2 back to inv, BAM hardfreeze. Takes 5 minutes to reset and do file system check.....

-OPEN character screen, R2 to cyber rig, BAM HARDFREEZE! Another 5 minuts to get back in game

-OPEN char screen again, try to do anything, FECKIN BAM!! HARDFREEZE.
Ive hardfrozen 5 times in a whole collective 2mins in game. Were spending more time sending reports to Sony and file checking than playing this well thought out 3.0

Its not like the game can be played by ignoring your menu, inv, etc.. this is a CRIPPLING BUG. I hope someone is hard at work on a fix right now. I just want to play this event for the last week. Feck expeditions. Im a little, or alot miffed. Whats the point of PTS if they dont fix the problems ppl have been making them aware of on it b4 it goes live. Theres still invisible enemies, this, invisible crystals. So much just passed right through the filter here.

Cyripax NeoPrime
04-14-2015, 10:52 PM
Ok finally got into it for once. :D It only took a half hour of hardfreezes. Lol. Im scared to touch any buttons now.

Ive noticed the ui is overlapping again like the maps. Makes it hard to read whats behind the big yellow character.

http://i1300.photobucket.com/albums/ag86/Cyripax_NeoPrime/Mobile%20Uploads/DEFiANCE/Collage%202015-04-15%2001_47_14-1_zpsxohzrkjv.jpg (http://s1300.photobucket.com/user/Cyripax_NeoPrime/media/Mobile%20Uploads/DEFiANCE/Collage%202015-04-15%2001_47_14-1_zpsxohzrkjv.jpg.html)

Cyripax NeoPrime
04-16-2015, 07:59 AM
Bump. Added info. Its back again in savage mode.