View Full Version : Please delete this Patch , defiance!

04-15-2015, 12:21 AM
:mad:This is disgusting, i mean the full content of this patch,

u were told us our weapon is buffed, but actually u have buffed more mob's damages and designed plenty of situtations to let mob kill ppl easier.

nice troll of cash defiance! and its too evident and making us sick!

enough,this game its going totally like "pay to win" now ! i 've paid hundreds of dollars for nice weapon but i wont pay any dime just for revive in a disgusting dungeon?
its obviously too greedy as requiring player kill 250 object there for a persuit only worth 5 marks----enough money troll u have desinged !mad:

04-15-2015, 01:35 AM
When Publisher want sleep with Money.

04-15-2015, 10:00 PM
Here I list why you trion will lose if you dont delete this patch

1. the glitches
sometimes it hurt palyer's willing to play the game
we tried 3 times for the contract, everytime the bug quit us out of game: "server connection lost" hurt our morale at total gaming
our friend tired and quit,and they may delete whole game at next

2. these awful expeditions occupied the daily /weekly contract point
this is also another reason making ppl quit the game, especially for those dont like expedition, or not able to

3 "pay and pay advertisement"/interface
it truely discouraging new player and the major group , coz all game like this genre give player a "loser "/"unfair" expectancy
hence they quit ur game at next

4 paying for entrance /revive
i wont say a lot for this..

5 ninja nerf + untrustfull Cyber Rigs sytem
I've paid some purple lock boxes for the cyber rigs, and reward is so meanness,
no body will pay hundres dollar and roll a mess of blues and many of them u already looted