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04-15-2015, 02:59 AM
What a rip off this has turn out to be now, they did this to get rid of us old players with a ego of over 4000 (when guns could kill eg the saw and other weapons 12 months in to game)We all knew the game then.So Trion made this game easier to play and gave as free stuff(remember the EGO Codes we had to put in every week for the loot we got lockboxes and cars and upgrades too) this only lasted a while, Then the DLC came along we all had a pay for these to get further along in the game. This was the start of pay extra to get the perks the little icons top left of the screen and the crosses beside the names in the matchmaking (Glyph came along then once you payed for extras then they had your details and your wallet then, no more sign in then to play also paypal and creditcards were automatic as well then too.)I have seen this in a lot of games now.It's started again with the Experditions we have to buy hunter requisition now to try to get further along in the game or wait a week to get the token amount of these now ?This all started when players from call of duty and other game like this came to defiance they wanted sims and spikes and other helps to get through the game because defiance was a different game then and they wanted help to play this game(p*****s they were)so it has started again with this new update sales in the top right corner now so easy to click on this now and buy these things now.Cyber rigs will be the bane of this game the update today has not been 24hrs yet and half of my clan has left already and will not come back now i want to give my stuff away and leave too,this game has become a joke now! My sniper use to kill one shot with a power of 20,000 damage now it takes a full clip to kill the same thing now, I use to like this game but i will be leaving too I am going to a game that when you die you die and start a new character to continue (nominated at start of game before you start the game)this game you get cyber arms, leg and eyes but when shot in the head you die for good
and start the new character you keep what you kill as well from character to character just start with name and number and add one number to name each time you die so good buy from me ?
You will get one more post from me How to get rid of your character for good!