View Full Version : Just an idea for a Digital UE

02-11-2013, 09:10 AM
I think Trion should make an UE for digital they would get a lot more customers for it. lets see the physical UE is

GAMESTOP EXCLUSIVE (most people do not like shoping there. I have not had a problem with them.)
Exclusive Messenger Bag ( most people don't really care)
Collector's Box ( more stuff for the trash man to pick up it looks cool but don't need it.)
Game Client ( ditto)
2 postcards
DEFI Stickers (can do without them)
Ark Infiltrator Outfit (can be on digital so keep it)
The Art of Defiance Art Book (might look at it once dont need it)
Limited Edition Hellbug Figurine (another dust collector dont need it)
VBI Ark Hunter Contract (somthing to look at once agin dont need)
Bonus DVD (dont really care about)
Defiance Digital Soundtrack
Rare VBI Sentinel Shield ( can be on the digital keep it)
'Hydra' rocket launcher (same)
7-Day XP Boost ( turn it to the 30 day boost like the other digital copy or larger to offset the cost.)
7-Day Scrip Boost (same)
"+5" Inventory Space (keep of course)
Exclusive in-game title: Pale Wars Ronin (same)
Lock Box (same)
DLC Season Pass ( and this is why I would say 90% of the people are buying the UE so of course have it.)
1200 Bits (keep it)

of course they would have to tweak the bits and boosts to make it the same price since not getting all the other stuff most people don't really even want. At least that's what I think. you can tell me im wrong but I think a ton of people would jump on this option. I know i would.