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04-05-2013, 11:38 AM
I have been playing this game quite a bit the past couple days. While I may not be an authority on this game, I have reached 300 or so EGO and figured I observed enough to have my suggestions be valid. Anyways, several people have claimed about Cloak being OP, as well as shotguns, detonators, ect. I would like to offer some suggestions (yes i realize there is a suggestions thread, but this is about pvp. I feel this is more prevalent).

Disclaimer: This is all personal opinion. Feel free to comment negatively or supportive but keep in mind no one likes that one person who is just a tool and tears apart people's posts in a trollish, immature, argumentative manner.

1) Cloak is "Overpowered" for a couple reasons. One of them being the map selection so far. All the maps are extremely close quarters enabling anyone with cloak a significant advantage over the other three skills. Also the spawning system is dynamic, enabling a enemy to spawn close to you and promptly shoot you in the back with a shotgun (Snipers beware). Larger more open maps would greatly nerf Cloak use, yet the people who are skilled at the game will still use it to great advantage anyways. Asides from the map changes that will most likely come in the DLC, I have a suggestion for the stealth mechanics. Stealth should be slightly visible from a certain distance away. Not super obvious but just enough of a shimmer for an aware player to see the shot gunner right in front of him. This would make Cloak more viable for sniper/assassination specs, yet limit the overplayed shotty-detonator with Cloak spec (can't think of a name for that..).

2) Detonators and rockets are OP. It more or less a fact of the game at this point. However, this is currently being worked on by the developers to scale the over powered weapons. The raging can stop please.

3)While I have mentioned the need for new maps before, I would like to expound on that now. All the maps have an extremely close feel to them, even waterfront. That map is large in relation to the amount of players, yet the fights occur in pretty close quarters unless your sniping. I cannot wait for a expansive map to come out. I do not consider shadow war in this category of maps.

While it may seem obvious that I mainly use stealth and snipe a lot, I would love to hear from people who prefer other skills and would like to comment from that perspective as well.