View Full Version : Nade while down

05-29-2015, 03:47 PM
So not sure if this was talked about or in the patch notes but seems i Can't throw a grenade while on the ground anymore was pretty useful in pvp when getting hit by a car or in pve when ever enemy knocked me down.

Does anyone have anything on this was it Meant to be taken out??

Dixie Cougar
05-29-2015, 04:07 PM
Ninja nerfed... you used to be able to throw nades while knocked down or stumbled (not incapped).

05-29-2015, 08:57 PM
"ninja nerfed" lol, well damn...

05-30-2015, 08:33 PM
Yeah, I haven't noticed this since the WM is the only thing that ever knocks me down and I hardly ever let that happen.

It could just be a bug like doing a flip to get out of your Roller when you exit out. I don't see the reason as to why this would get taking out of the game intentionally.