View Full Version : Great game!!

04-05-2013, 02:18 PM
lets be real folks, if anyone has ever played an MMO before they would realize that the issues the game/servers are having are 100% normal. This is my first MMO and hearing the horror stories from my friends about MMO's they have played in the past, it made me a little hesitant about playing this game from the beginning. However, things that I have experienced in-game are nothing like what they described in other MMO launches. Things will get nothing but better as we offer feedback to the devs. contrary to popular belief, whining and moaning and generally acting like tiny children is not good feedback. From the mouths of friends who have played every MMO known to man since Ultima, this is one of the cleanest launches they've seen. Just chill out, try to have fun and let the devs, do their thing. If you cant handle waiting a week to play a great game, then by all means, take it back. The community will be better off without your type