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Belle Starr
06-10-2015, 01:08 PM

FCN News Bulletin: Expedition Expose!

Belle Starr: Hi Starr-gazers! Your intrepid reporter, Belle Starr is proud to announce that we at Frontier Corporation News, a subsidiary of VBI, are starting a series of investigative reports on aspects of ark hunter life here in Paradise. First to receive the light of shining truth is the underworld of Alcatraz. Ark hunters of all EGO levels are going down underground on expeditions to get great loot, including the new cyber rigs and accompanying cyber chips, which can only be found there.


Belle Starr: Fans, meet Sandy Bell, former army Captain, EGO level 2204 and a fairly new ark hunter to our area! She kindly agreed to let us follow her on her first expedition to Alcatraz Island! Say Hi to the friendly folk of the Bay Area Sandy, and tell us why of the three choices of expeditions you had - Raiders, Mutants, or Hellbugs Ė you chose a bug hunt!

Sandy Bell: Hello everybody! I guess I chose hellbugs for my first expedition because they donít shoot backÖ except for archers, those flying hellbugsÖ and some warriors if they get too close can set you on fireÖ and the giant Hellions and Monarchs at the end of a roundÖ okay, I just hate bugs and like to see them explode!


Belle Starr: Hmmm! What do you think was the most important thing you did in preparation for the expedition?

Sandy Bell: Choosing a good group to support you is of paramount importance to a successful expedition. Iíve had friends who went in with strangers and just got butchered! Luckily, Iíve got a great clan in Team Evolution, with very supportive clan mates, so when I said I wanted to go on my first expedition, I had more clan mates volunteer than I could possibly take, so I just took the first three in line: Brickhead, Giban, and Tiberzon. Thanks guys!

Belle Starr: Funny how, that except for you, theyíre all men in your group!

Sandy Bell: Funny you should say that, for in fact, it was all the male clan mates in our Team speak clubhouse at the time that volunteered to accompany me on my first expedition, come to figure! What a coincidence!

Belle Starr: I also noticed that none of your group but you have an EGO Level lower than 5800!

Sandy Bell (winking): THAT wasnít a coincidence! I just took the first three in line who had an EGO Level over 5800. A girl has to have protection!


Belle Starr: Here is the first picture of when you entered at tier 9 round 2, since your group came in at your level. Why arenít there any pictures of round 1?

Sandy Bell: I was kind of busy shooting for my life and trying not to die to take pictures! Sheesh! I had no idea what to expect when I went in, and it was a rollercoaster ride as soon as I walked in, with bugs of all kinds coming at me as soon as we opened the door! By round 2, I was acclimated to the hectic pace, although there still was not a lot of time to take pictures!


Belle Starr: What kind of weapons were yíall carrying there Sandy?

Sandy Bell: As I remember, the guys had mostly SMGs for their fast hard hitting action, although Giban really loves his crime fighter shottie. I personally was carrying a needler SMG and a detonator, although I mostly used the detonator from the rear, which is what the guys said I should do if I wanted to survive. If you are the lowest level EGO there, thatís a great rule to live by!

Belle Starr: You guys REALLY like explosions, donít you? What kind of Detonator are you using there?

Sandy Bell: The kind that goes ďBOOMĒ Belle! Sheesh, I donít know! You didnít tell me you were going to ask technical questions!


Belle Starr: Riiiiight! Let me guess Ė you were an Army Captain in charge of logisitics! Never mind! Well I can see by this picture your group made it to Tier 10 and finished completely round 3, so how was the experience Sandy?

Sandy Bell: Not nearly as grueling as I was expecting, and with the right people in your group, it was downright fun, but it does take a hunk of time to do an expedition. Iíve heard of another Team Evolution group that took almost a full day to get to tier 35, but I wasnít there. I could never last in an endurance test like that, as even this short expedition left me super tired afterwards. Still I got a green cyber rig and green cyber chips, as well as a couple of blue weapons I didnít have before. I also completed both a Paradise and a Topnotch contract by doing it, and as you can see, my EGO level increased.


Belle Starr: Well, Congratulations Sandy on a successful completion of your first expedition at Alcatraz! Umm, Sandy? I canít quite see beyond the scoreboard, except for your feet and those of one of your team mates! What are you two doing there? Some kind of celebration? Sandy? Oh well, we seemed to have lost audio from Sandy, but tune in Starr-gazers next time for our next expose where our brave cub reporter, Lady Christianna, returns with a report on the dark underside of PVP arenas! Until then, keep looking to the Starrs, for there is an ark fall in your future there! Hey, I like that one! Let me write it down!