View Full Version : Possible fix to patching issues?

04-05-2013, 02:40 PM
Since my laptop was actually in a critical state of repair (my OS HDD kicked the bucket the day before Defiance launched, my luck right?) I had already downloaded the game to a different one and when I went to download it back to my newly repaired laptop I could not get it to install, so I just grabbed a flash drive and copied the files over to it and whenever I want to play I just run it from the drive, launching "Patcher.exe" in the main folder. I have seen no issues what so ever aside from general MMO rule of thumb "Be prepared to randomly lose connection in the middle of the most important fight of your life".

Hell, even when I patch when I launch the exe it just does it automatically and it goes straight from "update" to "play".

So if you at least have the files you could try that and see if it works?

Regards, Cynical.