View Full Version : DefianceData.com Interview with Localization Lead Scott "WholeLottaLoc" Gall

CM Kiwibird
06-15-2015, 08:36 PM
We’re back with another peek behind the scenes of Defiance, ark hunters! The fansite Defiance Data has interviewed members of the Defiance Team. These interviews have a special focus on the variety of backgrounds present within the team and Trion Worlds at large.

Defiance Data: Could you introduce yourself, what’s your job title and how long have you worked for Trion and on Defiance?
Scott “WholeLottaLoc” Gall: Hey! I’m Scott WholeLottaLoc Gall, a.k.a. scottg because of the high Scott population at Trion. I joined the company in 2011 and since then I’ve worked on five games, plus our platform. My first whiff of Defiance came in June 2011 when we translated the text in the E3 trailer There Will Be Consequences. A few months later I saw a live demo on PC but I didn’t start working on Defiance game assets until summer 2012. That’s when Trick gave us the lore glossary and we began translation of the first VO script.

Learn more about what it takes to lead a localization team at Trion Worlds with this interview from Defiance Data and make sure to keep an eye out for more from Defiance Data!

Read the full article on our website. (http://www.trionworlds.com/defiance/en/2015/06/15/defiancedata-com-interview-with-localization-lead-scott-wholelottaloc-gall)