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06-30-2015, 12:29 PM
I am a returning player who didn't get very far (only around 900 ego) looking to get back in to the game. I played a bit and found it much more fun than before but ran in to a few issues, most importantly -

What on earth do I do?

It seems more or less pointless to go to any of the semi-random events that pop up as they will always hop to threat level 10 and while I get EGO boosted my damage is a joke so I may as well sit there and look pretty. Not very fun. Missions seem to send me off to places that I am simply not capable of doing much in either, taking several clips of ammo to even take down standard enemies let alone elites despite upgrading rarity and matching ego.

Figured that may still be a weapon issue and was going to check vendors but all I see are mod vendors or ones that sell 5000 EGO legendaries so that was of little help. That said the purples that dropped from the few events I did seemed pretty much the same power level as the ones I upgraded so not sure there.

Would like to take it at a pace I can enjoy and go through things I can actually fight and feel I am doing a satisfying amount of work/damage. Where should I go?

06-30-2015, 12:37 PM
Hang out around the beginning area, where you first started out (Mount Tam). The mutants there are easy to kill along with the road side conflicts which would yield easy XP. Grouping up is always an option.

06-30-2015, 01:19 PM
Hang out around the beginning area, where you first started out (Mount Tam). The mutants there are easy to kill along with the road side conflicts which would yield easy XP. Grouping up is always an option.

Is there a general 'EGO rating to progress to this area' you would suggest then? Most guides seem highly out dated on progression sadly.

Soul Binder
06-30-2015, 02:01 PM
I took a long break from Defiance, Came back just before last event and decided to start a new toon.
During event I went from under 500 ego to almost 4k just chasing the arkfalls.

Get a high dps AR/SMG/LMG and a manually triggered Detenator, hopefully you have cloak ego power, use the AR/SMG/LMG to rack up the points during Arkfalls, when you get too much heat from enemies pop cloak and switch to Det.
Get a purple regen shield and keep either health or armor repair stims equipped.

Avoid Darkmatter encounters as a general rule, they are a serious pain to deal with.
If you do random encounters stick mainly to the first couple areas as they are easier as a general rule.

Don't be afraid to go exploring the world, just learn what encounters to avoid till you reach higher ego.

Have fun and don't worry about going down in fights, no perma death in defiance so just grab your guns and head back out into the new frontier :cool:

06-30-2015, 05:32 PM
OP it sounds like it's your weapons that are letting you down, you need to keep them within 100 ego of your ego for them to be operating at their best.
Also try getting some bio nano weapons, these break the plates on enemies which in turn will make it easier for you to kill them.
You can find the bio weapons in vendors like top notch etc and the hidden vendors.

bridget mobyvixen
06-30-2015, 05:57 PM
Well, I believe that the XP is higher with the higher threat level and you get XP for even shooting an enemy. When I first started the game I was hanging around with some much higher level friends so everything I did was threat level 10 but it was great for leveling up and I found that drops were better as well. Not all white synergy-less crapola. If you have clanmates or friends you can play with they will likely look out for you and revive you if you need it but you can shoot and run as well...try to get a decent respark shield so you don't get killed while your shield is coming back up.

I was running around in the Armistice events with my 2nd character starting under 1000 and by the time that event was over, I was almost 3000 so it was great for my leveling and all I really did was events. I found it a lot of fun, despite the lag and dc's, though I got several OJ weapons that I still have to spend arkforge on to bring them up to the characters current level.

I do agree that you want to keep your weapons up to your level...i pretty much used blue or purple for a couple hundred ego levels then toss them out for new weapons to ensure they didn't get too far behind. Same with shield...try to keep it close to your ego level as well.

Good luck leveling up and with the game!