View Full Version : Consortium 2 year Clanniversary Saturday Give away.

07-04-2015, 10:40 AM
Avoiding those kids in the neighborhood popping off fireworks? No plans to go to some large family picnic where you burn hotdogs, hose ketchup or chocolate off minimes, and entertain your aunt Thelma as she discusses the choices you could have made in your life? No desire to bake outside as you stand over a grill in a heat wave? Then have we got the activity for you!

Today at 1:30 pm PST come join us for some hijinx and shenanigans on the PCNA server as we come up with all sorts of trivia, tasks and who knows what to give out some OJ prizes in order to celebrate our 2 year Clanniversary with you everyone.

Send any Consortium member on your friends list a whisper to request a taxi to the right phase. No members on your friends list you say? Well shame on you!! (just kidding). In that case send whispers to Dixie Cougar, Solicea, Daddytime or Veedo for a taxi. I'll add more names as we find who's on in that time slot on this coveted July 4th holiday.

Instructions on porting: Send a whisper in game by typing /tell Daddytime can I get a taxi?
Then hit control, invites, Daddytime, accept. Once in group hit: Control, Group, Go to leader.

Then Bob's your uncle you're there! Once you get there you'll be removed from the group to make room for others showing up.

07-04-2015, 12:11 PM
Why is there never a +Rep button around when you want one?