View Full Version : Coming back after break since mid Season 1 - LF ADVICE - Starter Gear ideas

07-09-2015, 02:21 AM
Greetings Defiance,

Binge watching all episodes once again and got the tick to come out and kick some Volge / Hellbug arse.
and got the urge.

The last time played I sat my *** on the bridge for many hours taking out that big out tin man before we could proceed. Shortly after - RL move to new area and had to focus on family. Family is doing great so it' "me" time again.

That being said I'm looking for advice on some starter weapons low ego - After I collect all my lockbocks/episode gear I'm generally around 66 EGO prior to main story line. To ensure I'm in this for the long haul, I have also purchased the season 1 DLC combo while on sale.

My highest Toon is in mid 600's where I left him in '13 - but have no difficulties getting toons into 1-200 range in about an hour played.

I like to have a handy snipe to pick out some of the perimeter meat - then charge in with one of the new power boosting shotguns for short range. So this is sort of my solo playstyle. In group - I tend to go with the fastest LMG I can find to burst through shields then switch to eco weapons. If only I knew some of the names of the weapons in general.

I'm not asking for handout - as the gear will come with content - but more the less looking for a partner to synergize with.

I'm more a run and gun type of player, but will hang back to pick off the stragglers from range. Very reliable, mature (baby #2 due in Sept), semi - retired and play late nights 10est - 2est or later.

Maybe I should make the title - Returning / Mostly Sane / All around great guy looking for others to clan up or group up with.

If this fits any clans wants / wishes / please feel free to add me with a small message or clan page I can read up on.

Thanks for the ramble,

Belle Starr
07-09-2015, 03:45 AM
If u r on PC/NA server, Team Evolution is a great laid back clan that has clan mates to group up with almost 24/7! U can communicate by clan chat or TeamSpeak, whichever is your preference! We have a clan thread in this very forum, so please look us up (actually, there is a general section here for clans on all platforms)! Feel free to pm me here or in game (or any member really) and welcome back to Defiance! :D