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08-10-2015, 09:34 PM
So as some may know, I took a pretty hefty break from this game for around 6 - 8 months. I legit no lifed this game to the max and hit max ego within 8 in game days, went to a pax party for trion, etc etc. I really enjoyed the game and loved so many aspects of the game, and obviously enjoying my time out weighted the bad things. But after you play the game for a while and put in 16 hour days on the game for weeks on end, you begin to get frustrated with things and what not.

Coming back to the game a few weeks ago, I got immediately blasted with these "adds" that told me about patron pass and new crates and what not. At first I was a bit confused because I thought I was getting all of it, but then I realized it was just an advertisement letting me know about the information, I thought it was a neat little feature. Now it pops up every single time I log in and while it is just a simple thing to to close out of, it is unnecessary and frustrating for a "veteran" to see. I understand how the game works, I understand what crate is what, if I want to know what it comes with then I go to the store and click on it. I'm not too sure if there is an option to get it to stop so if there is, excuse this paragraph. I am just annoyed constantly having it block my character and it is just inconvenient to see. Please take this away or make it pop up once a month or give us an option to disable it. I honestly sign in to play the game, not have a tiny pause section to read inconvenient things that i can find here on the website or just use common sense. It is literally waving a bone to a dog and trying to get it to do a bunch of stuff. I can understand a one time pop up but not every single time.

Another thing that I seemed to notice is that during the loading screens, at the top right side of the screen it has different crates or in game currency purchases. I guess this can apply to the first paragraph but again, it is like you are trying to advertise as much stuff from the store as possible for us to buy. We know what you have, and we don't need to be reminded every 10 minutes... It really concerns me for the state of the game when it seems like a desperation to get cash from your players by constantly spamming the store items every chance you can get at us.

I stumbled upon one of the latest streams you guys did and dont quote me on this one but I believe I heard you guys not touching anything invovling pvp for atleast january. That also concerns me because as much as people want to avoid or get off of the topic, PVP is a huge aspect of this game. It is the reason why weapons get nerfed. The rewards have always been mediocre but it is where majority of my enjoyment and many others come from. We need new maps, new content, new everything for pvp. There are many fixes still needed to put into place, for example the fact that vehicles still get one shot by pretty much anything but they tickle you if you get hit by them, I think its time to focus strictly on pvp for keeping the game stable. New maps or even vehicles will bring people back. You guys love to focus on these holiday events that are honestly washed upf rom previous events and many people get tired of grinding a lag fest for mediocre drops in hopes for one of the jackpots. Yes the crates and challenges made it better but my point is it is recycled material. It seriously bugs out the server for the first few days and it is just again really unnecessary, I know many people enjoy the events but I know many people hate them as well. I don't know what the plan is but allt he time you guys put into those 5-6 events in the past year could have been used to create actual NEW content for pvp. You guys added in expeditions and yeah that was great and all for the firs tfew months but then things got settled in and now it is just back to doing your dailys/weeklies and if you pvp, then you pvp a bit. Pvp needs dynamic spawns since spawn killing is STILL a huge issue in the game and it drives people away from it. It is pretty simple to develop a dynamic spawn system and instead of having to add Private pvp, you can just make a dynamic spawn system and that will fix the spawn killing issue that drives so many people away from pvp.

The dueling system needs a pretty huge update as well. It may be a small thing in terms of the whole game but it is something that needs a major update. The ego, the whole system to be honest. I'm not really a fan of how small the area is that you have, I'm not a fan of how your ego majorly impacts it, and I would honestly like to see it fixed.

I heard of the new Ojing your oj weapon thing and the arkforge cap per week by like 500 or something and I am not a fan of that either. It just kind of doesn't make sense to put a 500 arkforge per week cap on the game when 500 arkforge is pretty difficult to earn alone per week. (from a casual player) And I don't know if that applies to buying arkforge but if it does then it kinda negates the need to even spend money fi you are going to be capped at it but im sure buying wont play a factor in the cap.

Give a new chat system? Like seriously the chat system blows.
I think everyone has brought that up over the years on how ridiculous it is, give a word cap since there seems to be a invisible limit to where your words cap out, it is lame to see after a sentence your words disappear so if you need to see what you said, you have to delete everything. The whole area/zone/whisper chat is still buggy where you can type /w whoever and it will still go into a zone clan or area chat. Idk if anything has been brought up about a chat update but please hit it up.

I hope these get focused on more then some stupid 1-3 week recycled event. It is common sense to fix beta issues even after 2-3 years. I can't stress enough these small/simple fixes and updates would generate a better profit in the end. More people would come back, more people would have a reason to actually stay and enjoy their time and not just feel like doing the same thing since day 1. I'm sure you guys have some plans but again I am just giving my opinions since my return to the game.

Everything that I am saying is just ideas to give off to the devs. It may get ignored who knows but I feel like all these things will keep the game more stable and please do feel free to add your opinions below on what you belive would keep the game more stable or what you think needs to be updated/fixed. I am hearing a lot of people egt tired of it and the game is starting to drift away from its state that it was in when I last played.