View Full Version : Coming back to Defiance

08-31-2015, 07:10 PM

Anyone can help me with my problem, pretty please :)?

I have a come back to Defiance after a quite long pause (over a year and a half). I think I was playing at the last time around 03'2014. I have noticed that now I have to get Glyph account to play it, so I have registered, DLed Defiance, installed and... oops.

First - I did not enter my old profile name, by accident honestly, I have just hit enter when the name box appeared, and it suggested the part of my email...
Second - I have no characters on account (due to first?)

Third - I found my old screenshots with profile name - MobileMist.

Fourth - How the heck to change profile to try old one? or how to transfer old characters to new profile?

I have submited a ticket at help website of glyph/trion, but maybe it is just my fault with mistyping the profile name. I had chars both at US and EU servers, with quite a lot of time done on them, so I would love to have them back...

Any ideas or hints (except of waiting for help center response?)