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04-05-2013, 07:52 PM
Hello all,

This is going to be pretty simple and anyone with a capture card / mobile phone or any device capable of capturing pictures can participate.

Now I did something like this on the Skyrim forum and it became quite popular, since then the thread was banished to the lost achives but I think Defiance can do just as well.

Since there's Character Customization, I wouldn't mind seeing some of the creations people have come up with for their toons (Characters to you and me) by snapping a picture and uploading it to this thread. Now I understand some people can't actually log in at the moment but when you get the chance, take a picture and post it. That is of course if you want to.

For those Role Players out there, if you feel like it, throw in some background information on you toon, whatever it maybe but please, keep it clean haha

I haven't actually had the pleasure to step foot on the world of Defiance yet so I can't start this thread off with an example, wait, maybe I can...


There we go, I love google :D

So I've laid the ground work, lets see what you lot can do. Take it easy people.

NOTE - For obvious reasons, people can't actually visit the Character Customization again, or can they? so if possible take a picture of your toon currently in the world. This can be achieved by using the ingame menu which shows the Character on the right hand side.

If this thread doesn't take off then I'll let it slip away into the countless negative threads created, but I'm hoping it won't get to that stage just yet.