View Full Version : Omec in Defiance as well as their weapons

Punisher Illinois Blue
09-03-2015, 07:41 PM
I think they should be in the game, they are the coolest aliens in the series. If we get anymore Omec weapons they should have the Lightning nano or a new nano all together. The other Nanos don't fit their style of fighting / hunting, they would spoil their food. Syphon not only would ruin the dread harvest, since the target would instantly be syphoned, they shouldn't canonically have access to it yet since humans from VBI were the first to invent the Syphon weapon, after it was used against the VC they developed their own version of Syphon weapons.

The only time a Omec would use a Syphon weapon is if they were attacking something that wasnt edible, like Robots and stuff like that. So the Omec on earth after awhile if they made heavy weapons and had access to Syphon I could see them also using said weapons to fight Machines, its their only way of devouring such things, oh and possibly the inflicted as well.

I think the Omec should have two synergies, the one they have now and a new one, although I don't have many ideas what it should be yet.

Lastly I think we should get one or two Omec themed Ego Powers with a bunch of new Omec themed Ego Perks. One for sure should be "Guardian." When you activate the Guardian Omec Ego Power it summons a Omec sphere. The Sphere can fire weak beams at nearby enemies, the higher the level the more damage it does.

The perks on the other hand can change its gameplay extremely. One could make it so it ignores enemies and has a % chance of intercepting and destroying enemy grenades, missiles, and rockets fired / thrown at you. One perk could change the priority of the Orb. The Power just has it shooting at the closest enemies while a specific perk could make it so that it focus on the current enemy you are firing at, even if they are far away. The different level of this perk determines its accuracy at long ranges. A couple perks could give the beam attack a nano effect, Electric and Syphon. The Orb will not fire using both nanos except if another perk is used that gives it a % chance to hit a target with both nanos at the same time. Another perk could be that depending how low your shields or health are it will deploy a shield like what the Dark Matter Monitors use, and protect you from attack, and if your being attacked on all sides it will place the shield in the direction you are being most attacked.

Punisher Illinois Blue
09-03-2015, 07:47 PM
Also I think there should be a story mission involving your Ark Hunter coming to Defiance to help kill the Omec. See I don't believe Stahma Tarr wouldn't have contacted the Ark Hunter/s for help, in the 2nd season she asked them to join her crew because of their skills. Knowing how dangerous the Ark Hunter/s are I know she would have contacted them for help.

Your mission is to make your way to defiance, scout the outer area, find the weakest defend Omec Zone outside Defiance, if their is one, clear it, and evac the Tarr family.

09-03-2015, 08:58 PM
I could see the Omec being written into the game.


Escyos pointed ^ this out. Those 3 could of retreated and made their way West. They could show up as villians or for a twist these Omec show up and the Ark Hunter befriends them and helps them out because all they are doing is struggling to survive.

Would even make sense if the Omec sent landing parties all over Earth during the time they were waking up. This could allow them to show up in the game with a decent amount of numbers. I doubt the plan for the Omec was to have themselves come down to Earth in increments of just 3 and only down into the outskirts of Defiance. They were probably sending groups all over to certain points of interests to establish themselves. I doubt out of 10'000 Omec only like 8-10 ever came down.

09-03-2015, 09:17 PM

Maybe the three resort to cloning but the clones aren't as strong as original Omec so we can have waves of Omec in sieges. Maybe some missions where we track down the original Omec and fight them but one or two get away for more missions in the future.

Maybe we can even have an Omec ally.

David Irwin
09-04-2015, 08:14 AM
the omec have potential to be a great and diverse enemy , since they might both use weapons (guns, blades, etc) and also simply attack like wild animals biting and ripping.. makes for a less predictable foe than other enemies in game.