View Full Version : Hellbug Chrysalis Issue

04-05-2013, 09:54 PM
Not sure if it's been brought up, or if it's even a bug and not intentional, But while driving my bike I slammed into a Hellbug chrysalis nest only to have the bike bounce back 30 or so feet with every direct hit. This also occurred when I drove the bike off a cliff and came down on top of a chrysalis, the bike bounced 100 feet straight up into the air. Nothing game breaking, was just funny and unexpected. If it helps:

Platform: PlayStation 3
Location of occurrence: Madera, due west of 'Happy Pow Farms - West'
Vehicle Driven: Terrestrial Motorworks Hannibal 800R
Note: The chrysalises in question were spawned for a "No Good Deed" quest

I hope this helps!