View Full Version : Dowloading Defiance,no pause/resume on Glyph,no partial data save, data loss on stop

09-28-2015, 02:45 PM
I am trying to download Defiance and it seems there is no pause/resume option in glyph downloader, at least not for Defiance and there is no partial download saving, thus when i am forced to stop download(i have my reasons) i am losing a lot of data that was downloaded. It is really not acceptable, having pause and resume feature, having partial downloaded data saving feature, are must for online games since we have to download large amount of data when we are downloading or updating game.

And i have also noticed Glyph is downloading 4 files at a time, no matter how small the files are since each file is being partially downloaded, whenever the download is stopped all 4 files are discarded. And i have observed that the downloader keeps one file at near finish situation(mostly at 95%) and downloads 3 files from 0kb instead of finishing the file that is nearly done. WTF!!! Please allow us to download 1 file at a time through advanced option on GLyph settings for Defiance. Or Add pause/resume and partial downloaded data saving.

I hope someone from the tech team take a look at this. It is getting really annoying.