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10-22-2015, 04:12 PM
Not a huge deal, but it would be nice that once I turn this off it would stay off. I prefer the single button tap to roll because I find it more convenient. With all the disconnects and freezes, every time I relog I have to go in and change it every time. Like I said, not a big deal, but it gets a bit annoying after a while. Just my two cents on the subject.


10-22-2015, 04:15 PM
Adjust to single tap roll in your settings

10-22-2015, 04:44 PM
I know that. But it doesn't stay turned off like my other settings. Did you even read the whole thing?

10-22-2015, 08:45 PM
i wholeheartedly agree...love the option, but get tired of always resetting it...

here lately my chat tabs keep reverting to being active in my group only tab...i think, why isn't anybody talking, look closer, and it is back to that tab no matter what it was on when i logged off last.


10-22-2015, 10:18 PM
Certainly would be nice to see this fixed. It's been like this ever since the feature was added >.<

10-22-2015, 11:15 PM
That problem with the settings is on the list of things to be fixed *soon.


10-23-2015, 05:40 AM
That problem with the settings is on the list of things to be fixed *soon.


I see what you did there.