View Full Version : Stalled Event Major Arkfall

10-30-2015, 06:36 PM
What's the go when a Major Event Arkfall stalls? Is there something that players should do to report this? I figured emailing support, but as there was only 10mins left...well there would have been no point.

The details of the stall are as follow:
PS3 Platform
Europe Server
8:54am Westen Australia time, October 31st
Hulker Hell Major Arkfall
The final battle of this Arkfall would not spawn, leaving only the large red indicator on the map. This let the whole event time out without anyone having a fair chance to complete the event.
Obviously, no rewards, loot or any credit for taking part in this event.

I did take a photograph of the in game map, however I cannot seem to upload it to the forums at the moment. If it is needed I will find a way to display the image.

In short - what happens now? I can tell you that there were many people at that Arkfall, and they were rather unhappy...