View Full Version : Constantly Having to Update.

11-05-2015, 03:56 PM
I have now had to update Defiance 4 times and it is a 15GB download. I am on steam and have been having errors saying "Cannot Start Steam App Already Running" but I check my processes and applications and it is not running.

Getting tired of having to do a 15GB update all the time. Any suggestions or help would be very much appreciated...

11-05-2015, 04:35 PM
Have you tried downloading the Glyph client and installing Defiance that way, without using Steam?

11-05-2015, 04:40 PM
I have not and that was the next move. Just wanted to make sure there was not a simple fix out there before I did that.

Thanks for the response and suggestion :)

11-05-2015, 05:22 PM
I've had issues with Steam doing something similar with other games previously. The only way I was able to resolve it was

Uninstall the game, uninstall Steam, run disk cleaner (I also used CCleaner), reboot, then reinstall Steam, reinstall the game.

If that didn't work I would uninstall the game, manually delete registry strings using the games name in the search string and the game folder(s), run a disk cleaner, reboot, download/reinstall the game through its own client i.e Glyph

If none of that worked I would literally nuke my system, (but only cause I have a backup of all my files) and wipe then reformat my drive and reinstall windows...normally this last step works but I wouldn't recommend it unless you're willing to invest the time to do a fresh install etc..

Either way good luck