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04-06-2013, 04:32 AM
So anyone else noticed the alarming amount of Shields and Grenades you get from event drops, in fact i think its the only thing you get, so far the only way to get decent guns, although most have been very very weak is either lock boxes or merchant specials.

is this supposed to be intended? even if it is, i would say that only giving out those items makes the game feel a tad broken, either more variety or something more standardized.

on the grenade note they are far from balanced, higher level blue grenades that are anything but frags are worthless. in the example i had blue level fire ones, was 9 ticks of about 100 dmg so 900 overall dmg, if anything stays in a small area that long. a significantly weaker white level frag is about 3000+ dmg.
now i dont think its rocket science but whoever made this should just be let go, theres balance and then theres pure laziness. and this goes for a lot of weapons, my starting level light machine gun deals more dmg then a blue level rocket launcher that hit someone dead on.

defiance is still in beta.

04-06-2013, 05:44 AM
Rather than adjusting the quick, lucrative missions the devs felt were being farmed (heaven forbid), they decided to just nerf the crap out of all of them instead.

Quick and effective with the least amount of effort required.

...Unless cheesing off your player-base wasn't intended. Then I recommend being more surgical with the loot nerfs.

We'll see what road they take. The game is young.