View Full Version : Clan for all play styles on european servers on Xbox 360

looking for a
04-06-2013, 08:03 AM
hey guys. so looking to start up a clan of my own as I a finding it really hard to find a clan on European servers that share my playstyle. basically it would be a clan of people that in general like to play alone or a mixture of alone and other players. I know I certainly get days where I am more lone wolf orientated than co op orientated, but its nice to have the option.

so I am basically looking to start an easy going group where you can play as you please, wanna go lone wolf that's fine, wanna team up, well then at least if we have a clan of like minded people should you want company or need help with a certain aspect of the game.

the clan is called the PLWA "Paradise Lone Wolf Association" and as of now I am the only member Lol

as said in the title I am playing on xbox 360 and there is know real age limitations though I am 25 so preferably nobody really young lol.

My gamertag is goonbag magee and my email is scboyle23@gmail.com so message me by xbox live or by email or on here with your gamertag and i'll set you up with an invite if your interested!! happy ark hunting!!