View Full Version : looking to buy T4's and a few T5's

04-14-2016, 06:04 PM
T4 (SP)--stock--mag--sight (Pistol)
T4 (Grenadier) stock--mag--sight--barrel (AR)
T4 (FOP) mag--sight (RL)
T4 (HP) stock--mag--barrel (INF)
T4 (FOP) barrel--sight (INF)
T5 (HP) barrel (Semi-Auto Sniper)
T4 (QM) barrel--mag--sight--stock (RL)
T5 (FOP) barrel *PB* (AR)
T5 (FOP) barrel *prox overthruster)

Xbox live tag: Engaged Brute. Defiance tag: Brute1

If you have any of these mods you can message me here (i check page every couple hours) or... You can look me up oin Defiance, im always on... Usually from 5am-7:30am then
back on and off from 2pm til roughly 10:30pm central time.. A.K.A-- (N. Fla.)

04-14-2016, 09:48 PM
Put this in the need/want, and youll get a better response. This is general discussion