View Full Version : U.D.D. (United.Divided.Defiant) is recruiting!

04-06-2013, 10:56 PM
U.D.D. (United.Divided.Defiant) is recruiting! We are a U.S. based clan, but we welcome anyone and everywhere as long as you follow the requirements below:

-Mature and have a sense of humor
-Active(does not mean you must play 24/7)
-Mic is optional so are clothes women lol
-Be respectful to fellow members and non-members

How to Join you ask:
-send ColbyD_M93(me) a msg on psn or pm me here on the forums and I will reply/invite you as soon as I can.

Current Clan Status:
1 Member: Me!

This is my first go around on running a clan. I am super excited to begin one finally!