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04-07-2013, 12:55 AM
First I want this thread to be about solutions not just QQ. Which includes both suggestions for the Devs as well as build and tactics to counter current griefing strategies.

General Dev Suggestions:

Complaint #1- I would like to see more congruence between co-op and pvp. What I mean right now is that pvp feels like a free for all and teams are just a frivolous technicality.

Suggested Solution: I would like to see a bleed out timer so the revive mechanic can help encourage team play. First the medic perks near decoy would be more useful, as well as decoy could be used to draw fire to set up a revive. Second Blur/Cloak + Shotgun and run away would be less frustrating since with greater team play incentive your teammates could kill the cloaker/Blur upon reveal and then revive you. Also Over Charge and sniper builds would be useful at providing cover fire and taking out super buff medic builds.

Complaint #2 - EGO Balance

-Maybe add a Movement speed modifier to cloak. Completely invisible while crouched with shimmer increasing while standing and makes you pretty obvious if you are sprinting.
-Tweak Shadow Strike Perk: Maybe a CD like it only takes effect for one attack per use of cloak or it gives a trade off by ending that use of cloak and putting it on CD. Or as a last resort a pvp only reduction in the damage boost.

-Perk that inreases hip fire accuracy
-Perk that adds EMP effect to OC that causes your shots while using it to disable Cloak, Blur, and insta kill decoys. Or it could be a pulse upon OC activation.
-Perk that Creates small Stacks of DR gained from shooting people or make OC give DR in addition to its damage boost

-Perk that makes it a homing suicide bomber
-Perk that makes it actually attack for you and behave more realistically
-Perk that transfers damage done to you to your decoy
(Probably would want these to be exclusive some how so you could only have one)

-No specifics for Blur. I think my other Suggestions will limit the grief caused by Blur but if you have any feel free to add your input.

In The Mean Time: Here are some popular tips from the forums and hopefully you guys can help me add to it.
-Use DR perks in pvp.
-Shield choice is important. Consensus says that when in doubt go for higher capacity unless trying to achieve a certain synergy with your perks and build.
-Grenade choice is important. DOT and CC types can be more effective depending on what you are trying to achieve.
-Experiment and adapt. Don't repeat the same crap expecting different results.
-It is a simple mathematical fact not everyone can have a positive K/D. Dying is part of the learning process.

Shank 4 Giggles
04-07-2013, 07:51 AM
I think the gun balance is pretty bad. Assault rifles, shotguns, and explosive spamming is too common and Overcharge is the most common EGO by far.

I think they need to tone down those weapons and/or buff up most of the others to make all weapon types more viable. They should also put a limit to how often you can jump to stop the lame bunny hoppers.

04-07-2013, 10:36 AM
Hmm I'm respectfully disagree on Overcharge in pvp. It is popular in pve. Everyone complains about cloak and shotgun combo.

I am also going to disagree on a CD for jump. Grenade and your ability are already enough CDs to keep track of in a shooter. I think a pvp specific nerf to jump height would be better as well as a accuracy penalty.

As far as gun balance I agree something needs to be done. I specifically think they handled explosive weapons wrong but it was an easy mistake as they wanted to make them feasibly to quest with yet not extremely OP in pvp so they decreased their damage compared to what would be "realistic" yet they remain strong relative to other weapons. With high ammo capacities needed for questing in pve it makes them spamable in pvp. This makes the problem two fold imo. First is the spam in pvp. Second is that they feel anti climatic in pve and lack that punch you would expect. I think a better solution would be to up their damage to make them feel like explosives but make them have only 1-3 ammo that regenerate slowly like your grenade sort of. I think this would make them more satisfying to use and better balanced in pvp since they would have to use them wisely instead of spam. Plus if you managed to avoid their attack with a well timed roll it would leave them open to counter with out of them just spaming till they got you.

As far as shotguns go they need some more movement penalty to their accuracy. Also I wish game developers would actually go shoot shotguns because they rarely get them right.If shotgun's spread were really that broad and that dense there would be no sport in skeet shooting. I know they are not shooting for a hyper realistic game but if you want a balanced game then real life is actually a good measure as the weapons wouldn't exist and still be in use if they didn't have a real life use and benefit to using them in certain situations.