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04-07-2013, 02:31 AM
---[Who We Are]---

An active, English, NA based clan on the PS3, building a reputation as notorious as it is grand. When it comes to PvP We begin our conquest as the Kings of the Defiance. We are the ones that other players and Clans fear and respect. We've got a few active members, of whom generally are online during afternoon to the early hours of the morning. Our members cover pretty much all of the bases PvPers, Instance runners, Casual players that will join in whatever, you name it! Though the majority of our members are hardcore player we welcome all gamer's to give or clan a shot.

---[Who We're Looking For]---
One trait that seems to be central to all Kings members is an air of self-confidence, with that being said we require you to respect your fellow Kings. Do you think your skills are impressive, regardless of actual evidence? Do the ladies swoon and the men cower in awe when you pass by, at least in your imagination? Then you're fit to be a King. More specifically, most of our members enjoy both pvp and pve content, and much of our guild activities revolve around PvP as well as Instance runs. That isn't to say we don't accept members that are new to the game, and aren't willing to help them, but be aware you will be expected to put some of your own time and effort into achieving greatness. So if you're motivated, slightly egotistical, and want to be among strong and like-minded individuals... Then Become a King and rule defiance with an iron fist.:cool:

---[Final Note]---

Here in kings while our primary focus is "Defiance" we do enjoy to get on other games from time to time so feel free to participate in other games with Kings. Look forward to seeing you all in-game.

---[Who to Contact]---

We are on from afternoons to late night generally but feel free to leave us a PSN message if you dont manage to catch us online. Feel free to contact for more detailed information on this clan.



04-07-2013, 05:47 AM
Important detail missing, EU/US?

04-07-2013, 08:19 PM
Important detail missing, EU/US?
Fixed it sorry, but we are North American based. If there are any other details you would like me to provide feel free to ask. Thanks for pointing that out.