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04-07-2013, 04:32 AM
Really wtf is this ? I buy a Lockbox Tier 3 with 24 hard earned Keycodes and I don't even get it!

No Lockbox
Keykodes Gone

GeGe Trion!
Total Bummer!

04-07-2013, 04:39 AM
Is your inventory full? If so then thats why this has happened. But fear not, the stuff you got will be in the defiance store. Just go to the bottom and collect items.

If not -

**** knows.

04-07-2013, 05:09 AM
you don't actually get a physical lockbox when you use keys. You get 3 random items each one will flash briefly on your screen.

04-07-2013, 05:12 AM
Sometimes items from lockbox drops to inventory without messages on screen. Just check you backpack.

04-07-2013, 05:41 AM
This same issue happened to me as well.

But it's only when I've used Bits to purchase the lockboxs.

Regular game currency works fine.

No the items did not go into my inventory or pack. Tier 3 & 4 was what I purchased.

It doesn't happen often only occasionally. Only problem I have with this bug is that those BITS used was from my own real life money/currency when purchased.

400 Microsoft points to purchase 1 tier 4 lock box - and received Zero items from lockbox.

how many times issue/bug? 5 times.

I rebooted my Xbox and went to try another purchase and it finally worked. But the previous purchases did not work.

This needs to be fixed - I'm Very hesitant to purchase anything now using Bits. Let alone purchase anymore Bits from the Trion/Defiance store.

despite the above the game is awesome has strong promise if it didnt i wouldn't have given my real life money into the games micro transaction system.

04-07-2013, 05:57 AM
Really wtf is this ? I buy a Lockbox Tier 3 with 24 hard earned Keycodes and I don't even get it!

No Lockbox
Keykodes Gone

GeGe Trion!
Total Bummer!
Why it it Lockbox fail squared?

04-07-2013, 06:00 AM
Had the same thing happen to me, tier 4 box bought(ingame credits used) plenty of space left in my inventory, got nothing! Feel sorry for people who are mad enough to pay real money and get this happen to them

04-07-2013, 06:31 AM
I had the same thing happen to me it took my cash and keycodes and gave me the loot without telling me what it was.

04-07-2013, 07:02 AM
Exactly the same thing happened to me, bought a tier 3 box and not a thing recieved. I put in a ticket but as devs are busy im not too hopeful.

04-07-2013, 08:18 AM
Guys, if your inventory is full when you buy a lockbox, the items go to claim. Pull up the wheel thing and go straight down to the defiance store. From there, scroll down on the left hand side until you get to claim. This is also where unlocks from Arkfall codes should appear.

04-08-2013, 06:18 AM
Why it it Lockbox fail squared?

Because I was so mad about it xD!

Thx guys for the info about the "Full Inventory Items > Shop Reclaim" Info... I haven't checked it out, but I am pretty sure I had the space in the inventory, cause at first I thought the Items will disappear if the Inv. is full, so I made sure I have enough space!

But srsly, that is a pretty big Bummer in playing this game! It may seems a "minor" issue, but in fact it's not!

When I play RPGs I love it to earn something which is not a "Quick Drop" ... like the Lockbox, and yeah, I am still on low-lvl I guess (not even 1000 y.) but 24 Keys still took some time to gather ...

And than you get nothing, and the Keys are gone too,...

I wouldn't be so mad if this would be the first game made by trion, but they are no noobs in making mmos!
Something like this should be patched right away after the first day!

I don't want to imagine how mad I would have gotten if I would have bought the Box with Real Cash!

That would be like buying a pack of Chips and there is just Air in it!

I am just mad about how UNPROFESSIONAL Trion made this game!

As for another example, the Interface of the PC Version! They stated they didn't port the game, but had 3 different Teams working on 3 different Versions! So why the hell did they make such a Interface for a PC Game!?

04-08-2013, 06:28 AM
So what's the current situation? Is it safe for me to buy lockboxes? I'm almost 75/75 :/

04-08-2013, 09:06 AM
The boxes are bugged .. it does not matter if your inventory is full or not 90% of the time i buy them i get nothing .. nothing in my inventory or the claim items section ..all i want is a orange weapon for the achievement ..dam store wont give me anything :(