View Full Version : New Arena Interface?

07-02-2016, 10:50 AM
I captured these on PC NA on June 30th while doing my Thorn Liro Daily. These same interface elements weren't present on Xbox 360 NA the same day, and were no longer on PC NA yesterday, July 1. I'm curious if anyone else saw them, whether it might be a change previewed on the PTS that snuck in as part of one of the PC "hotfixes" and what you think of the change. Personally I prefer the simplicity of the old results screen, which only appeared after I exited the arena.


07-02-2016, 12:03 PM
Not sure.I don't care for the way it ends last sec or two it pops up
with end screen. I don't even know if I get weapons or mods from
hitting white skitterling?