View Full Version : Midsummer Mess

07-20-2016, 07:11 AM
This MM event is so bad that it makes tier 140 expos look fun. I have spent 176 hrs or more playing on a single character during this event and at least hit 880 MM major arkfalls :( . I have pulled 0 jackpots from this event :mad: . Not to mention loosing access to my main character for 5 days. Then my main character was cloned to fix it as they had no idea what was broken on that toon that locked me out of logging in on it. New name and a Broken RnG. TBH I would have had more reward walking out side and picking up a worm from the ground, at least I'd had something to show for my effort's. And it would have only taken 30 seconds to complete :o . I really think trion does not care how we feel. A game is supposed to be fun and this one is not at all. < :confused: