View Full Version : Patron's Pass Issues as of Today

Grandpa Ace
07-21-2016, 01:17 PM
As of 3pm ET, when I got on to work/do my dailies, my fellow Founder & I noticed that our Patron's Passes Boosts are not active, and the game is not allowing us to complete our Daily Patron's Contracts etc. I know for a fact that mine current Pass is good until early October.

Since I'm not the only one in the clan with the same issue, pls. be aware that it may be system wide. FYI--we even tried to back out of the PSN Network completely, reset etc.--to no avail..

FYI--there are issues with the Exchange too, issues that were not suppose to happen until Monday the 25th are having issues today..

Pls assist.. Its like everything Patron's Pass associated it on the fritz!!!