View Full Version : Disappearing Car in a Fire Fight?!

04-07-2013, 08:37 AM
Picture this:

Your driving in your roller (A Dodge), you take on a mission where you have a horde of mutants/raiders gunning for you. Drifting your car to one side and getting out, you lay a few head shots. You take cover behind your car since you believe that as long as you are in close proximity of your vehicle, it should still be spawned. So far, you're holding your own for a few seconds, but then enemy reinforcements spawns out with four of those big pale blue guys with RPGs or Heavy Gatling guns. You think you're safe, but then your vehicle just disappears! Then you get mowed down.


My car didn't explode, it just vanished right in the middle of combat! Its like being in a cartoon where you are snickering to yourself that the enemies can't shoot you, then your cover up and vanishes and your enemies go to town with every bullet and grenade in their arsenal. I know Trion wants to make sure that we don't have vehicles crowding around everywhere, but they need to do the whole proximity thing I mentioned in my story. If you are at least 3-5 meters from your vehicle, then it should remain by you (especially if you are using it for cover). I don't mind if it blows up in my face because its hit points hit zero, but having it just vanish while using it really defeats the purpose of giving a vehicle shields. Yeah you can run people over or escape while your shields absorb the damage, but not every situation allows that. Sometimes you have to stand your ground. You can't run enemies over when fighting in a city/town district, you can't cover every knook and cranny. Running doesn't do any good since you're mission on loot and exp. If someone knows where I can send my idea to Trion for consideration, I would appreciate it.