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08-08-2016, 09:17 AM
I've seen others post about this problem and it's happened to me in the past. Today it has been pervasive and odd, as my "main" gets score and results while all my other characters are bugged. I have logged out, I have relaunched Glyph (this time it happened on one of my PC NA accounts), I have switched characters, tried arkbreaks, nothing will fix my other characters, the ones I want to play as right now (after finally getting 6K on my main, I wanted to have fun not grinding for that EGO max).

Here you see all is well at a gulanee arkbreak:

http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/working-1.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/working-1.jpg)
http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/working-2.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/working-2.jpg)
http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/working-3.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/working-3.jpg)

Log out and switch over to the character I want to play as and here we can see no score despite the green healing numbers which would be racking up score:

http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-1.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-1.jpg)

Here's an afflicted dangling in mid-air. Not related but funny.

http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-2.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-2.jpg)

Despite no score I'm still getting EGO upgrades:

http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-3.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-3.jpg)

And weapon skill levels:

http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-4.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-4.jpg)

And score on the results screen, but no XP, keys or forge:

http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-5.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-5.jpg)
http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-6.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-6.jpg)

This is doubly annoying as I have active boosts:

http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-7.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-7.jpg)
http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-8.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-8.jpg)

I created this post to whine and so I had a link when I submit a ticket.

Johnny Gatt
08-09-2016, 03:42 AM
I just got no score on a minor hell bug arkfall. I am on my main toon. I came in first place. There were 3 other players there. We cleared all five stages and zero kills for anyone on the board. After the arkfall cleared and reward screen closed out, my score of 8546 came up. I did not get any keys though I should have gotten 2 or 3

*Edit.. I am on my Xbox main toon Howie Felt ego 6k.
I have not seen this issue on my ps3 toons. Only xbox.

08-09-2016, 05:13 AM
I have see both of these issues on PS3 every now and then for almost as long as I have been playing. I submitted a bug report once and I guess it didn't get fixed. They must have overlooked it when they were fixing all of the other bugs. Don't worry I'm sure it will get fixed soon.

08-09-2016, 05:29 AM
As you know we can do nothing here but I'd be interested to know what support said about it.

08-09-2016, 09:37 AM
I've had this issue recently also and submitted a ticket for this as well. The response I got was that they couldn't figure out what was wrong (from what I understand from their reply). I'm not sure if this happened to you guys also, but I noticed that this happens when you are "bound" to a certain minor event, kind of like the daily contracts such as those Echelon ones where you release the soldiers so they can diffuse the bomb or saving those ranchers from raiders. For some reason, you get stuck in that small phase, and even after "finishing" it, your score still accumulates for that specific instance even when you're doing another event, such as sieges or arkfalls, for example.

Whenever my toon gets stuck in this "limbo", and I see that I'm getting a zero (0) score on events even if I hit/killed something, I just reset the game/my PS3 completely (logging on/off didn't make it go away); it does reset the thing and works. Good thing is that this doesn't happen as frequently as hard freezes or crits, though I'm not sure if this will become a regular bug in-game after some time, especially if a lot of players are experiencing this as well.

08-09-2016, 09:51 AM
When I get some details in response to the ticket worth sharing I will, until this the odfdity continues.

After I few hours I decided to try playing again an lo-and-behold, scoring was back. Woo hoo! Then I switched to my main for some contracts, come back and scoring is broken again. This time I decided to test a few other things.

The no keys or forge was really irritating:

http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-01.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-01.jpg)
http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-02.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-02.jpg)

http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-03.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-03.jpg)
http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-04.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-04.jpg)

But some events still showed weapon rewards:

http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-05.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-05.jpg)
http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-06.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-06.jpg)

So I checked inventory and found other items I was sure I hadn't picked up off the ground. So I started watching my keys. When an event ended the amount hadn't changed, but if I fast traveled after arrival it had! The fact that some part of a score is being tracked (as in the DMG number) meant this was more of a display than execution bug though I didn't verify weapon rewards from events where I got nothing.

I do need to try to do that the next time this happens (as I'm sure it will lol)

http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-07.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-07.jpg)
http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-08.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-08.jpg)

Another related problem was no results screen whatsoever on conflict sites, but they too awarded keys after fast travel. I didn't track forge.

For any devs out there here are some more "action" shots proving I'm earning score, just not seeing it reflected it in the Personal Score display on the right:

http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-09.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-09.jpg)
http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-10.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-10.jpg)
http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-11.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-11.jpg)
http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-12.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-12.jpg)

Despite the damage total showing up in results:

http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-13.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-13.jpg)
http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-14.jpg (http://hulkercafe.com/bugs/no-score/broken-v2-14.jpg)

08-09-2016, 11:30 AM
man, your pc screenshots are so much smoother that ps3 graphics

08-09-2016, 12:14 PM
man, your pc screenshots are so much smoother that ps3 graphics

lol just for you I made them links so you can really see them at 2560x1440, or midway between 1080p and 4K. I'd do some 4K shots but my gaming PC is in the shop, stuck using my media center at the moment.

08-09-2016, 09:23 PM
I've had this happen on ps3. It's done it on all of my toons. After reboot is seems to of been fixed until the next time.
I want to say this started back before christmas.

Cobra Crusher
08-09-2016, 10:26 PM
man, your pc screenshots are so much smoother that ps3 graphics

Are you trying to say a PC has better graphics than a PS3? :eek: No way i don't believe it lol.

08-10-2016, 01:12 PM
I did a Kenn farm incursion last night and at the end my score was 0 (received reputation, but no AF or keys)
Geez it's getting hard to acquire AF in this game!