View Full Version : ERR in Rolling Blackout and Rolling Thunder T4 Mods

08-13-2016, 05:50 PM
Hello Trion

Do you know that the T4 Ion ERR and T4 Sniper Recoil for Rolling Blackout are almost non existent.

Also with the number of named Jackpot weapons that have the Rolling Thunder synergy being dropped is their anyway to find the T4 mods for that synergy without spending vast amounts of money for bits hoping to get them in a lockbox or cache somewhere.


08-13-2016, 06:00 PM
Not sure what platform/server your on. Sniper recoil stocks aren't plentiful that's for sure but have seen a few for sale at reasonable prices. T4 ERR's I haven't seen a single one personally and only seen one for sale on zone for like 300k. It's tough out there to get what you need. Luckily for me I'm not keeping to many guns from this event. The ones I am I'm making sure they have good rolls. Best wishes